Favourite Jazz Saxophonists – The Greats!

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The great saxophonist, Charlie Parker with band.
The great Charlie Parker and band, with a young Miles Davis!

As you’ll have probably seen from this website already I like the analogy that Jazz is a “Language”. We all know that when studying any language learning the written form will only get you part of the way there. You need to understand the inflections (articulation, swing), the way it flows and cadences (phrasing), as well as it’s structure (harmony, voice leading). See what I am getting at? We need to learn how to “speak” Jazz!

Luckily not only do we have great masters both past and present to learn the art of jazz improvisation from, but we live in a time where we practically have unlimited access to recordings and videos online. Bearing that in mind, there has probably never been a better time to learn jazz saxophone because of these available resources!

I therefore decided to create a couple of Spotify playlists as introduction to some of the greatest jazz saxophonists the world has ever seen. The first one is aimed at “The Greats”; the past masters; our forefathers if you will. The second will be focused on the contemporary stars of jazz saxophone and I’ll feature that in another post. As musicians we can learn so much from what has come before us.

These playlists are only meant as an introduction, but I hope they are well worth checking out even for the more advanced jazz musician. Plus it’s hardly a chore really – we get to listen to some fantastic music to further our understanding of this great idiom! It’s not exactly an arduous task, is it?!

Here are some of my favourite jazz saxophonists from “The Greats”, and ones that every musician should know: –

Enjoyed the playlist? Want to know the best way to learn from recordings by the masters? Drop Nathan an email or give him a call, and find out how every budding jazz saxophonist should be incorporating listening and transcription into their weekly lessons and practise routines.

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