Favourite Jazz Saxophonists – Contemporary Stars!

Contemporary Jazz Saxophone Heavyweight: Joshua Redman
Saxophonist: Joshua Redman – Photo Credit: Tore Sætre (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Following on from my previous “Favourite Jazz Saxophonists – The Greats” post here’s part two as promised focusing on contemporary artists. Hopefully it will provide you with a useful introduction to some fantastic and inspiring musicians, all of whom are well worth checking out.

With this playlist I’ve tried to create a selection that covers a wide range of players and styles, and if you listen carefully you will hear that all of them have learnt from the Past Masters like the ones featured in my previous “Favourites” post.

All of the saxophonists mentioned below will have actively listened to a lot of music over the years; transcribed countless solos by their favourite jazz musicians; and then looked to incorporate the “language” they’ve learnt into their own playing. This all takes a great deal of time and patience, but clearly as we can all hear and enjoy it’s well worth the perseverance!

Here’s the playlist! Check out all this great musicianship: –

I hope you enjoyed this playlist as much as I did putting it together. Jazz is certainly not dead, it is well and truly alive and kicking with these great artists creating their own scenes and taking the music in new directions.

If you are looking to make your improvising more interesting, and take your playing to the next level why not get in touch to arrange a lesson? By analysing what our favourite artists are doing we can learn a lot and look to include their ideas into our own playing. This is what all of the best jazz musicians do on a regular basis. They assimilate what has come before them, then build on it.

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